Policy for AMR

In this workstream, we seek to understand the policy process for antibiotic resistance in Malawi and Uganda at national and district level to identify structural barriers between these different countries and political and regulatory sectors. From this, we will be able to highlight the challenges faced in this type of multi-sectoral working and how these are addressed.

Identifying where antibiotic resistance policy is developed and monitored

Policy is essentially developed by people, so we have taken an ethnographic approach to this research. We will undertake interviews with key individuals involved in the formulation of policy and regulation related to combating antibiotic resistance in Malawi and will replicate this research in Uganda.

One output of this research has been to identify key governmental structures where antibiotic resistance policy is developed and monitored.

Understanding how policy is developed

Going forward, we will observe the development and implementation of policy by these key structures to understand how these different sectors work together, how they make decisions and what challenges occur and how they are overcome.

This research will help to inform policymakers in other countries to develop and implement antibiotic resistance policy more effectively.