Dr Nyovani Madise

Nyovani is currently Director of Research and Development Policy and Head of the Malawi office of the African Institute for Development Policy, whose headquarters is in Nairobi.

Her most previous employment was as Professor of Demography and Social Statistics at the University of Southampton where she also served as the University’s lead for Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity, Associate Dean (Research), and Director of the Centre for Global Health, Population, Poverty, and Policy. Nyovani has previously worked as a Lecturer at the University of Malawi and as a Senior Research Scientist at the African Population and Health Research Center in Kenya. Nyovani has over 100 peer reviewed publications focusing on the social determinants of health in the specific areas of maternal and child health, adolescent sexual and reproductive health, food and nutritional security. A new research area for her is evidence informed policymaking, focusing on three questions: why, how, and what for.