Professor David Lalloo

David is an academic clinician in Tropical Medicine and Infectious Diseases with a major research interest in clinical trials in resource poor settings, particularly in HIV and associated infections, malaria and envenoming.

He also runs a number of multidisciplinary research projects in HIV and malaria. David’s research has been published in major journals including PLOS Medicine, Lancet Infectious Diseases and the NEJM in the last four years. These trials have informed international clinical guidelines relevant to care in the tropics and the UK. He also plays a major role in supporting high quality science through positions (often as chair) of a number of Trial Steering groups and Independent Data Monitoring Committees and improving the quality of clinical science through positions on funding bodies such as chairing the MRC/DfID Wellcome Global Clinical Trials panel and sitting on the Wellcome Trust Interview Panel.

In January 2019, Professor Lalloo became Director of the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.