Dr Clare Chandler

Clare Chandler (PhD) is Director of the interdisciplinary Antimicrobial Resistance Centre at LSHTM.

She heads the vibrant Anthropology of Antimicrobial Resistance research group, the largest of its kind globally. She is a prominent medical anthropologist in the topics of medicines and health care. Her research has produced rich and policy relevant accounts of the roles of medicines and of diagnostic tests across settings with different resource availability.

Her in-depth ethnographic field sites have been in Uganda and Tanzania. She has also led research in Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, South Africa, Afghanistan, India, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar and the United Kingdom. Her methodological expertise are in ethnography, mixed-methods studies, intervention design and evaluation of complex health interventions. She has a keen interest in capacity development in low resource settings, both in practice and as a research topic.

She has provided technical advice to the UK Government, the WHO and LMIC governments on topics including Ebola, malaria and AMR.