Dr Chris Jewell

Chris Jewell is a Senior Lecturer in Epidemiology and leads the Centre for Health Informatics, Computing, and Statistics (CHICAS) at Lancaster University.

He has a cross-disciplinary background as a veterinary surgeon and biostatistician, and works at the interface between epidemiology, infectious disease modelling, statistics, and high performance computing. Chris’ primary research interests lie in decision support systems for disease outbreak response, source attribution of human food-borne diseases, and zoonotic pathogen transmission including antimicrobial resistant bacteria. He has applications in communicable diseases such as foot and mouth disease, vector-borne diseases such as theileriosis, and zoonoses such as campylobacteriosis.

In computational statistics, he works on MCMC methods for inference on stochastic dynamical models, with a particular interest in applying high performance computing techniques for real-time inference on large population datasets.